Things to do in Milano Marittima

Milano Marittima is the perfect destination for summer and for those who love beach life, in fact, this seaside resort on the Romagna Riviera is famous for its daytime fun and nightlife.

Its beaches and glamorous atmosphere are its calling card, but in Milano Marittima there are many other things to do that make this destination ideal also for a family vacation with children and for a trip dedicated to relaxation and experiences in contact with nature.

Let's see the 10 must-do and see things in Milano Marittima.

1. Beach Life

The first thing to do in Milano Marittima is to choose the type of beach establishment you prefer.

The area of the establishments stretches for 4 km of coastline, is the continuation of the beach of Cervia and continues with the beaches of Lido di Savio and Lido di Classe.

The equipped beaches are real beach clubs and can satisfy different tastes: if you are looking for a young and worldly atmosphere, more dedicated to fun, you can find trendy establishments with parties, DJ sets, and aperitifs at sunset. If you are traveling with children, you can find beaches with play areas and entertainment, sports fields, and summer courses.

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2. Visiting the center of Milano Marittima

Leaving the seafront, you can reach the center of Milano Marittima: the Primo Maggio roundabout is the central point from which several streets full of shops and venues branch off, including the famous Viale Gramsci completely pedestrian.

This is the right place for shopping, where you can spot clothes and accessories from the latest fashion collections of big brands and the best outfits for beach life.

In summer for those who love bargain shopping, the Vialetto degli Artisti is worth a visit. This alley, running along the Canalino of Milano Marittima, a short distance from the 1 May roundabout, comes alive in the summer months with stalls of local artists, creatives, and craftsmen who exhibit their works, such as paintings, jewelry, clothing items...and much more to discover.

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3. Nightlife: where to go in the evening

Many young people from all over Italy come to Milano Marittima for the nightlife, this place is indeed known for its trendy clubs and discos and in summer for parties with international DJ sets and aperitifs in the lounge bars downtown and on the sand. Young people here can find worldly beach clubs like Papeete Beach 281 and Paparazzi Beach 242.

The ideal day to experience the nightlife begins late in the morning with relaxation in the sun and then comes alive at aperitif time, meanwhile, there are no lack of VIP and showbiz sightings. As an alternative to beach parties, the evening can continue in street bars, open until late at night, like Zouk Santana, or in exclusive locations with restaurants and dance floors like Villapapeete.

4. Having fun with the family and children

From beaches to entertainment, Milano Marittima also has a face more suitable for families. Hotels offer many services for children,the beaches are equipped with games and entertainment, and just moving to the nearby locations of Cervia or Lido di Savio and Lido di Classe, you can find quiet atmospheres and events dedicated to families.

Milano Marittima is an excellent starting point for nature excursions, to engage in sports with children, and to spend unforgettable days in amusement parks: the most famous park, Mirabilandia, is just 15 minutes away.

You will be amazed at how many things there are to do with children in Milano Marittima: discover them all!

5. Relax and Wellness at the SPAs of Milano Marittima

If you want to choose Mi.Ma for your wellness vacation, maybe as a couple, or to give yourself a break all to yourself, you can book a hotel with Spa in Milano Marittima and relax with the wellness center treatments, massages, and beauty care. You can stay fit in the gyms and train with dedicated personal trainers, but the real gem are the hotels with pools in Milano Marittima, charming facilities where you can spend hours between sun, swims, and whirlpools away from the beach hustle.

Milano Marittima is also the right place to enjoy the beneficial properties of the sea and Cervia salt, two essential elements for body and mind care offered by the nearby Terme di Cervia and Milano Marittima, with many regenerating and therapeutic treatments that you can also learn more about on

6. Discovering the Nature of Milano Marittima and the Flamingos of the Cervia Salt Pans

Many do not know that Milano Marittima has natural treasures all to discover: not only does its long beach reach the free beaches of Lido di Classe, where the protected area with the characteristic Coastal Dunes of the Bevano Mouth is located, but travelers will be fascinated by the landscapes of the Salt Pans and the beauty of the Cervia Pine Forest.

The territory offers many opportunities for excursions in Milano Marittima, on foot or by bicycle, but also with boats, for example discovering the Cervia Salt Pans and its fascinating pink flamingos.

The Salina di Cervia Visitor Center indeed organizes, especially in summer, walks and electric boat outings at sunset, the ideal time for birdwatching, or at night to admire the stars.

7. Trying Water Sports

If you love the sea and active life, in Milano Marittima you can try something really fun and stimulating: water sports!

Not only does the Cervia Sailing Club organize sailing courses for adults and young people in summer, but many beach establishments offer the possibility to rent from the traditional paddle boat to the more modern Sup and hydrofoil.

For those who prefer to be in the midst of greenery, you can organize canoe excursions through the Cervia Pine Forest with the Milano Marittima Canoe Kayak Club.

You can find all the information here for sports in Milano Marittima.

8. Tasting Traditional Romagnola Cuisine

Romagna is the homeland of food lovers and the restaurants in Milano Marittima are the right place to taste all the dishes of Romagnola cuisine. Even street food with the traditional piadina satisfies the desire for a tasty and nutritious meal, and you can try the sea variant which is the classic piadina with sardines.

For those who love seafood, some Cervia trattorias offer true specialties, like those based on the freshest fish from the Circolo dei Pescatori di Cervia - Cervia Fishermen's Circle.

If you want to try your hand with "dough", look for cooking courses organized in hotels or by the Pro Loco with Romagnola "azdore", to learn how to make homemade pasta.

And if instead, you prefer just to eat to your heart's content, do not miss the Sagra del Passatello and the Sagra dello Strozzaprete organized by the Pro Loco of Lido di Savio. More information on:

9. Photographing the Art Nouveau villas

The history of Milano Marittima begins in the early twentieth century. From that period, the first villas and houses in Art Nouveau style, built between the sea and the pine forest, have remained around the avenues.

Some of these have been converted into hotels, others are still private residences. You can walk around Milano Marittima rediscovering the traces of the first Garden City: even if only from the outside, admiring the Art Nouveau architecture will be like taking a trip back in time to the riviera of the past.

10. What to do in Milano Marittima when it rains

Rainy days on vacation can happen to everyone, but that's no reason to stay idle. Hotels certainly offer opportunities to rest and entertain even without going out. But if you prefer to go around even in the rain, there are some things you can do between Milano Marittima and Cervia. Here are some: