Cervia Thermal Baths and Wellness

If you come to Milano Marittima looking for relaxation and well-being, you can devote yourself to the care of the body and mind at the Terme di Cervia. 

A renowned spa destination, along with others in Romagna like Riccione, Bagno di Romagna, Riolo, Castrocaro, here the sea plays a starring role.

The beneficial thermal waters are "sulphurous, bromide, and iodide" and the source found nearby is enriched by the presence of the sea which gives it a high salinity rate.

At the Terme di Cervia, there are treatments for health and beauty, with pathways for prevention, therapy, and rehabilitation. The hours spent here will be relaxing and regenerating.

If you want to plan a wellness vacation, look for hotels with spa and swimming pool in Milano Marittima and check the agreements with the Cervia Thermal Bath.

The spa offers pathways for psychophysical well-being such as mindfulness, pilates, water workouts, and gym, but also regenerating cosmetic treatments, antiaging, antistress. You can relax in the solarium and in the thermal pool, have a traditional, holistic, or shiatsu massage.

For those who need to undergo medical treatments, the spa is affiliated with the National Health Service, INPS, and INAIL, and here you can also have specialist medical visits. 
The therapeutic treatments available are:

  • Hydrotherapy (therapy with water from the salt pan with anti-inflammatory action and stimulating the immune system)
  • Mud therapy (hot mud from the salt pan that solves joint and skin problems)
  • Inhalation treatments (with water at 2° saline concentration)
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation (rehabilitation in water and/or with special machines)

The therapies are also suitable for children, who can undergo them with a medical prescription.

At the spa, kids do not get bored because a group of entertainers is present every morning to play and organize creative workshops.

Terme di Cervia and Milano Marittima
Via Forlanini, 16
Tel. 0544 990111