House of Butterflies

In the pine forest of Cervia there is a very special place, the Casa delle Farfalle, an educational natural park that houses hundreds of butterflies and insects, free to move in their habitat.

The theme park is made up of a main greenhouse of over 500 m2 which reproduces the climate and habitat of rainforests. Thanks to a constant temperature between 28° and 30°C and a humidity rate of 70%, tropical plants and flowers proliferate, shrubs, ficuses, banana trees which constitute the ideal environment for 60 species of butterflies from Asia, Africa, America and Australia, as well as several species of birds, fish and reptiles.

Outside, the garden offers a botanical itinerary with 20 plant species including plant installations, and a small greenhouse, the Bruco, created together with the University of Bologna to reintroduce some species of local butterflies into nature.

Next door is the Insect House where insects and invertebrates of various kinds live, including crickets, praying mantises, bees, beetles and stick insects.

Finally, you can also visit the thematic shop where nature enthusiasts of all ages can find books, kits and accessories to cultivate their passion.

Practical info: it is advisable to plan the visit on sunny days and it is advisable to dress in layers to be able to cope peacefully with the greenhouse climate which is around 30°C and is very humid.
Guided tours can be booked.

Casa delle farfalle
via Jelenia Gora 6d, 48015
Tel. 0544 995671