Milano Marittima focuses its nightlife in street bars, meeting places for tourists and local youths, spread throughout the center and along the seafront like a large open-air venue. Street bars are perfect for aperitifs after a day at the beach, but also for spending the entire evening in good company: people and music abound all night long. The most famous club in the area is Pineta by Visionnaire, frequented by celebrities from the entertainment and sports worlds, a stage for internationally renowned DJ sets and trendy events. For a younger crowd, there is Villa Papeete, connected to Papeete Beach, a beach resort where you can also dance on the beach. The villa has a trendy and more informal atmosphere.

Here are all the most interesting venues to try at least once in Milano Marittima:


Pineta Club by Visionnaire

the most famous club in Milano Marittima. Established in the '60s, over time it has managed to transform while maintaining the aesthetic philosophy that makes it a unique place on the Romagna Riviera.

With its refined and elegant atmosphere, opulent, almost baroque design, Pineta is the reference point for high-society evenings and musical performances with a big impact, featuring DJ sets and artists of great caliber, including international ones. Not just those who perform, but also among the regular guests, there are stars and celebrities who spend their nights here.

A real VIP club, with a very strict selection at the entrance based on age (over 30) and the elegance of the attire. Prices are mid-high depending on the night. Pre-sales can also be found at hotels in the area.

Viale Romagna, 66 Milano Marittima

Villa Papeete

The venue is located in the spaces of a renovated nineteenth-century villa, surrounded by the greenery of a park. The venue is largely outdoor, divided between a restaurant area, pool area with glam privée and a small dance floor, a main room with a large dance floor, table area, and privée area. Elegant dress is required and the average age of patrons is between 20 and 40 years. 

Via Argine Destro Savio, 15 Milano Marittima - Tel. 335 127 5444


Street bars are the heart of Milano Marittima's nightlife, located in the center area one next to the other, they are the meeting point for aperitifs. These venues offer various services beyond the classic bar: dining, shows, DJ sets, entertainment.


Open-air street bar, suitable from the afternoon onwards. In summer, it is open every day and organizes very popular Latin nights and events with house DJs. 

Viale Milano, 11 - Tel. 338 251 9222


Cocktail bar/disco pub with dining service. The music selection is very well-curated, organizing nights of commercial, house, funky, hip hop, but also Latin and danceable Italian music to satisfy all types of clientele. The venue comes alive at aperitif hour until late at night. Open every evening in summer.

Via Gramsci, 51 - Tel. 333 140 5728

Zouk Santana

A historic street bar in Mima, equipped with fourteen bar stations and four cash registers, is perfect for aperitifs and early evenings. There are also theme nights with house/electronic and Latin music selected by famous DJs. 

Via Milano, 24 Milano Marittima - Tel. 339 738 6390

Ciberia Casablanca

An ideal synthesis between a street bar and a restaurant, perfect for aperitifs and dinners with lots of fun. Wide selection of beers, aperitifs, and wines with offerings of pizza by the slice and dishes for vegetarians.

Viale Antonio Gramsci, 46 Milano Marittima - Tel. 334 802 8827


Beach clubs transform after sunset into real beach clubs and discos. For a long aperitif or an evening by the sea, you can choose Bicio Papao, Papeete Beach, and many others.